Appeasement Undermines Deterrence

The appeasement policy of the Democratic administration undermines America’s deterrence posture. Iran is well aware that no Democratic administration will respond with nuclear weapons to Iranian chemical weapons attacks against America and hence is America highly vulnerable to chemical weapons attacks against major American cities. President Trump was not afraid to abrogate the JCPOA since he knew that Iran would not dare attack America with chemical weapons under his rule.

Official American rhetoric about “other options” has no credibility and certainly does not scare Iran. Will the US join the emerging coalition to impose a no-fly zone over Iran after the collapse of the JCPOA? There are no indications so far that this will happen as the Blinken doctrine of ostensible opposition to “endless negotiations” is apparently the Malley doctrine of support for “endless negotiations” in disguise. Iran knows this. 

America finds itself in the most dangerous situation since the American civil war and faces the most severe threat to the American homeland ever in US history. This is entirely due to the misguided JCPOA policy of appeasing Iran which invites Iranian chemical weapons attacks against major American cities. Appeasement of totalitarian believers in the alleged “worldwide Jewish conspiracy” does not alleviate the threat against America, on the contrary it enhances and severely aggravates the threat.

Iran knows perfectly well that the rhetoric about “other options” is an empty threat since the current US government is desperate to avoid conflict with Iran. However, there is an inherent asymmetry here as Iran is eager to attack America and many other countries. America does not want war but Iran wants war and hence will there be war. 

It is unclear however why Israeli nuclear deterrence against Iran does not work and one explanation could be that Iran believes that the Democratic administration will tie the hands of Israel and prevent Israel from nuking the Iranian clerical capital of Qom after Iran’s proxy Hezbollah attacks Israeli cities with chemical weapons.

Nevertheless, the world is in a much more dangerous place under the Biden administration than under the Trump administration. Republican presidents are perceived as “mean” and “dangerous” and no one can doubt that a Republican president would respond with nuclear weapons against major Iranian cities after Iran attacks major American cities with chemical weapons. The abrogation of the JCPOA fortified America deterrence against Iran while the always hopeless American attempts to return to the JCPOA has completely destroyed the American deterrence posture against Iran. 

Iran believes that President Joe Biden is “weak” and this invites Iranian chemical weapons attacks against the American homeland. Every day that the US government keeps notorious Islamism-appeaser Rob Malley in his post as US Iran envoy does America send the message that it is not serious about deploying military options against Iran.

Iran is keenly aware that the next Republican administration will abrogate any agreement with Iran and restore the sanctions regime. Therefore is appeasement bound to fail and only enhances the threat against America. Appeasing Iran encourages Iran to attack major American cities with chemical weapons as America seems weak and frightened without willingness to defend its own homeland. 

Disclaimer: This post is not intended as a partisan argument in favor of the Republican party over the Democratic party as I am not an American and would not get involved in US domestic politics, but is rather intended as a warning of the dire consequences of appeasement whoever pursues such as a misguided policy.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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