Iran is Dangerous and Irrational

The Raisi administration is officially shutting down the JCPOA by reneging on all “concessions” of the Rouhani administration. The Iranian regime knows that the US is literally desperate to reach a nuclear deal in order to avoid Iranian chemical weapons mass terrorism on a global scale. Iran knows that its WMD extortion works and apparently counts on the US eventually capitulating to all Iranian demands. The Iranian gambit is the following: To force the US to capitulate to all Iranian demands including the US abandoning all its allies in Islamdom, prominently among them Israel and Saudi Arabia or else. Tehran has developed the most effective deterrence in military history where it is expected to force the international community to bend the knee to Tehran. Iran fully expects to become the next and only superpower once it has conquered Israel and the Gulf states.

These are grandiose Iranian fantasies that could seem detached from reality but not so from the perspective of Tehran which is even unable to provide clean water to its own citizens. Iran witnessed the 2015 JCPOA capitulation which effectively recognized Iran’s “right” to develop nuclear weapons once all restrictions on the Iranian nuclear weapons program would end in 2030. The US speaks loud with apparently empty threats which no one believes in but carries a small stick strangely referred to as “other options”. The truth is that the only military options available to the US are 1) a no-fly zone, 2) an aerial destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program and 3) an invasion of Iran, so why call them “other options”? The Blinken doctrine of opposition to “endless negotiations” is apparently actually the Malley doctrine in disguise of support for “endless negotiations”.

Iran however is not the first totalitarian country ideologically based on belief in an Anti-Semitic conspiracy which ostensiblt seeks to take over the world. History shows that regimes that believe in the alleged international Jewish conspiracy are not only dangerously misguided, but recklessly so. This is because they believe themselves to be at war with the alleged international Jewish conspiracy and in order to counter the alleged “Jewish ambitions” for world control must they match those alleged “ambitions”. This is the very pathology that causes the delusion of seeking world rule. The United States – which conspiratorial Anti-Semites view as the very center of the ostensible “world Jewish conspiracy” is always the major enemy of totalitarianism. Bigots claim that America is at war with Islam in its conflict with worldwide Jihadism but America is in fact as usual at war with conspiratorial Anti-Semitism just as it was during WWII and the Cold War.

As usual is there no shortage of “useful idiots”, in this case “useful infidels” who are ready to provide rational explanations for Jihadist imperialism. Previous incarnations of useful idiots (apologists for totalitarianism) were mostly political intellectuals but today’s useful infidels are mostly academic scholars, some of whom – like Rob Malley – severely misguide Iran policy decisions of governments around the world. The truth is that Iran like all totalitarian regimes based on conspiratorial Anti-Semitism although geopolitically brilliant – as were in fact also the previous major regime incarnations of totalitarian conspiratorial Anti-Semism – is dangerous and irrational. This makes Iran no less dangerous than Nazi Germany and the Communist Soviet Union. The useful infidels – including Jews among them – completely ignore that these totalitarian ambitions are based on a Weltanschauung, a worldview of conspiratorial Anti-Semitism where as usual the main enemy is the United States, the center of the alleged world Jewish conspiracy.

America needs to join and lead the emerging coalition to impose a no-fly zone over Iran in order so as not to be forced to invade Iran due to repeated Iranian chemical weapons attacks against major cities in America. A no-fly zone will enable intermittent aerial attacks against Iranian nuclear facilities so as to prevent the Iranian nuclear weapons program from ever being rebuilt after it has been destroyed. Furthermore, a no-fly zone would provide air support to armed rebellions across Iran that would be instigated in response to the imposition of the no-fly zone. While the ethnic periphery where half of Iran’s population lives (and contains most of Iran’s oil resources) will no doubt succeed in their uprising with allied air support, there is also a fair chance that the uprising in the Persian areas also will succeed and thus bring down the Iranian regime.

Tehran will set off chemical weapons devices in major cities around the world in response to the destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Since the program can be rebuilt in less than two years, does Iran intend to deter further strategic attacks against the Iranian nuclear weapons program by means of lashing out with chemical weapons worldwide. However, the regime intends to launch successive waves of chemical weapons attacks against major cities of America to make the US withdraw all support for and weapons deliveries to allies in Islamdom, prominent among them Israel and Saudi Arabia. The way to prevent this dystopia is to ensure that the uprising in Persian areas is successful and thus prevent the need for a US invasion of Persia – i.e. what remains of Iran after the ethnic periphery has liberated itself with allied air support – and hence the need for full US participation in the no-fly zone coalition.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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