Iran is a Terrorist State

Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Supporting and orchestrating terrorism is part of the geostrategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran worldwide. It should thus not surprise anyone that Iran plans mass terrorist attacks with chemical weapons against major cities around the world in revenge for America and Israel destroying the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Nations targeted will be attacked due to their respective position in the phantasmatic international scheme of the alleged worldwide Jewish conspiracy or simply in order to intimidate particular nations.

It is important for governments around the world to remember that Jihadist terrorism is part of the very modus operandi of the Khomeneinist regime and to a significant degree of Islamism generally. Jihadist terrorism is perceived by the regime as a particularly effective political method as it allows for plausible deniability and it is true that Jihadist terrorism tends to be highly impactful politically speaking.

Iran is determined to break out as a superpower by acquiring nuclear weapons and when America and Israel destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program does this mean that the date for the Iranian breakout as a superpower will be brought forward. Iran is quite aware that Israel and the US can repeatedly bomb the Iranian nuclear weapons program every two years or so and thus indefinitely defer Iran from becoming a nuclear power. Iran’s only path to become a nuclear power is thus to try to deter Israel and the US from repeatedly bombing the Iranian nuclear weapons program and hence Iran’s plans for global mass terrorism with chemical weapons. 

What are the Iranian regime’s views on the planned international imposition of a no-fly zone over Iran with air support for the ensuing armed rebellions throughout the country? The regime has generally been highly successful since 1979 in navigating the expansion of the Khomeinist Empire and there is no question that regime leaders attribute this success to divine patronage. Therefore the regime no doubt presumes that they will weather the insurrection and that the armed rebellions throughout Iran will fail as have all the attempted revolutions that the Mossad has tried to organize in Iran. 

Therefore, the regime believes that it has absolutely nothing to lose from launching mass terrorist attacks with chemicals weapons against major cities around the world, including in the United States. Iran is keenly aware of how traumatized the American public is from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which against all wisdom were waged without exit strategies and for no good reason beyond the justified liberations, went on for years. Khamenei and Raisi know that President Biden has no interest in invading Iran and therefore do not fear an American invasion as they know that George W. Bush is no longer the President of the United States.

The Khomeinist regime has successfully played the Biden administration for a year and does not fear the imposition of a no-fly zone with air support to armed rebellions throughout Iran, even though the insurrection is certain to succeed in the ethnic periphery and is highly likely to succeed in the Persian areas as well. Will the amassment of hundreds of thousands of US servicepersons near Iran’s borders deter Iran from attacking America with chemical weapons? This is anybody’s guess. But there is a fair chance that this will deter Iran if the Khomeinist leadership is convinced that there is an actual American intention to invade after the regime attacks America with chemical weapons.

Even so, the American military seems overly confident about the prospects for deterring Iran which is no easy matter. The threat of an American invasion has to be credible and this means that the Biden administration needs to consider how its foreign policies are perceived by Iran and thus impact Iran’s policies. The fact that the Biden administration’s policies are perceived as “weak” by the Khomeinist regime means that the Biden administration needs to reconsider those parts of its foreign policy which lead to this perception. This is quite necessary in order to restore American deterrence. Furthermore, President Biden may want to adopt Reagan-style rhetoric such as about the “Empire of Evil” of our time in order to make sure that America’s Khomeinist adversaries understand that he is serious indeed. If Joe Biden wants to be taken seriously, he may need to speak like a Republican in his Iran policy and perhaps in his foreign policy generally.

The Iranian state apparatus is essentially one gigantic Jihadist terrorist organization and appeasing Jihadist terrorists is never a good idea. America needs a new sophisticated strategy for deterring Iran based on credible willingness to fully engage at the maximum extent if need be.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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