The Approaching Apocalypse

Khomeinism is different from all other forms of Islamism in that it constitutes an apocalyptic death cult. No other sect of Islamism believes that the end of days is close in time. However, Khomeinism has no fixed date for the apocalypse which is somewhat flexible in time. The general understanding is that eschatological time was commenced with the Islamist revolution of 1979. Ruhollah Khomeini (1900-1989) was a religious reformer who distorted Twelver Shia Islam into a modern totalitarian political ideology. The death cult commenced already during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War when Iranian soldiers were sent to the front with plastic keys to “paradise”. Jihadist suicide bombings were pioneered by the Khomeinist Hezbollah and was picked up Hamas terrorists exiled to Lebanon by Israel and this later spread to al Qaeda and other Sunni Jihadist terrorists. However, the origin of Jihadist suicide bombings lies in Khomeinism.

Islamism as a totalitarian political ideology is a fusion of traditional political Islam with scientific-technological modernity, particularily with influences from Nazism and Communism. While Islamists generally are reactionary Neo-Medievalists who seek to bring the world back to the Middle Ages, Khomeinists are unique in that they believe that they can engineer eschatology by geostrategic means, including using weapons of mass destruction which they believe will prompt the Hidden Imam to reappear.

It is unclear whether Rob Malley understood that he merely deferred the apocalypse when he concluded the JCPOA with Tehran in 2015. For Tehran is the Apocalypse associated with Shia control over the cities of Mecca, Jerusalem and Damascus (Khomeinists considers the Crypto-Jewish Alawites to be Shias) as the anticipated three messianic figures of Twelver Shia Islam are expected to appear in these three cities. The Hidden Imam has according to Twelver creed been living in occultation since the year 874 CE and the Khomeinists believe that they can prompt him to reappear by staging spectacular terrorist attacks with weapons of mass destruction against the “enemies of Islam”, including fellow Muslims. The reappearance of the Hidden Imam has metaphysical importance since it will herald the establishment of Khomeinist world rule. Of course the regime cannot predetermine at what exact point in time the Hidden Imam will reappear and they obviously have contingency plans for engineering Khomeinist world rule until the Hidden Imam eventually reappears.

It is important to emphasize that the Iranian military does not have the means for world conquest by conventional weaponry considering the weakness of the antiquated Iranian air force and that Iran is therefore entirely focused on the use of weapons of mass destruction. Tehran has a Plan A and a Plan B:

Plan A involves Tehran defying the international community and developing nuclear capability. It would take time to develop a nuclear arsenal but Iran would eventually implement a strategy of global WMD terror with nuclear impunity in forcing the world into submission. Plan A will not happen because Israel and America are committed to preventing it from being realized and will therefore destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program before Iran develops nuclear capability.

Plan B involves using biological and chemical weapons against select nations deemed to be pivotal for the “worldwide” American-Jewish “octopus” in response to an Israeli-American destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Tehran is quite well aware that its nuclear weapons program can be repeatedly destroyed and thus prevented from ever reaching fruition. However, by imposing such a severe price does Tehran imagine that a second destruction can be prevented. This of course is entirely unrealistic since no amount of international pressure will ever persuade Israel to commit national suicide by not timely destroying the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Iran is well aware that America has no appetite for invading Iran, yet that is precisely what will happen if Iran puts Plan B into motion.

In sum, Plan A is a miscalculation and Plan B is a miscalculation. Iran however is convinced that it will prevail due to its belief in the coming apocalypse.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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