Regionwide War and Global Terror

Iran does not fear America which it considers bruised by war and defeated by international Jihadism. In the Khomeinist Weltanschauung is Israel merely one of the tentacles of the “worldwide” American-Jewish “octopus” and so Tehran believes that Jerusalem cannot independently decide on destroying Iran’s nuclear weapons program without a green light from Washington. Therefore will Tehran order terrorist attacks with biological weapons against major American cities even if the United States would not participate in the operation to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program because Tehran would assume that the operation would have been approved by the US. Washington of course is well aware of this and Tehran thus considers Washington (and Jerusalem) deterred. The Khomeinist regime believes that it is on the way to successfully develop nuclear capability and that no one will stop it due to the terrible price Iran would exact from the United States, potentially millions of Americans dead from Iranian biological weapons attacks. Washington however, is well aware that the price of inaction is many times worse, a world in which Tehran would be able to terrorize the international community into global submission by the use of weapons of mass destruction and would be able to do so with complete nuclear impunity since no one would dare respond. 

Iran is readying itself to perpetrate global apocalyptic war of terror. Washington is determined to do everything possible diplomatically to avoid war but is ready for war once the diplomatic track is officially declared dead. Israel knows that war is inevitable and is arming itself accordingly. There are at most a few weeks left before the JCPOA has become fully irrelevant. Once the JCPOA has effectively expired will the US commence a process of wooing Iran with unilateral concessions to persuade it to conclude a new nuclear agreement with the United States. This will certainly not be successful and Tehran is very unlikely to even engage in negotiations although this possibility cannot be completely excluded if Moscow and Beijing pressure Tehran to come back to the table with Washington. 

The parallel US effort to build an international Iran coalition will however continue no matter what. Once Washington concludes that its attempts to court Tehran have conclusively failed, there will be a vast buildup of US-led forces in Saudi Arabia. The no-fly zone over Iran will only be imposed once the US-led troop buildup is complete and only then will Israel and America destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Iran will lash out with weapons of mass destruction, including against American forces in Saudi Arabia and will try to exterminate the Hanbali Muslim population of the KSA with biological weapons. Iran has no doubt prepared Shia uprisings among both Twelvers and Zaydis in the KSA as designed to take over the country. Tehran then plans to invade Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States. Tehran is absolutely convinced that the Biden administration will not respond with nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction against Iran.

Hezbollah will unleash its entire arsenal of rockets and missiles – many equipped with chemical warheads – in a frontal assault against Israeli cities that will be unprecedented in military history. Thousands of Israeli civilians will die from the impact of rockets and missiles and tens of thousands of Israeli civilians may die from chemical weapons attacks. In response, Israel will liberate both the entire Lebanon from Hezbollah as well as Ba’ath-controlled Syria where much of Hezbollah’s forces are stationed. Israel will establish an indigenous Aramean Christian state (Aram) and annex indigenous Median Jewish (Alawite and Druze) regions of Syria and Lebanon. Most of Syria and the remainder of Lebanon will be handed over to the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) of the AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria). After the liberation is completed, new borders will be determined between Jerusalem (Israel), Beirut (Aram) and Damascus (Syria). 

This however is not what Tehran expects to happen. Iran is convinced that Israel will be paralysed by Hezbollah’s Shock and Awe (Rapid Domination) and that Hezbollah, the Syrian military and the Lebanese military will subsequently be able to conquer Israel easily. Gaza will also initiate war against Israel, and Hamas and PIJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) will likely also unleash their entire arsenals of rockets and missiles against Israel in the belief that this is the final battle against the Jews. Israel will furthermore be attacked with Syrian missiles – many of which have chemical warheads – at the same time as Iranian missiles will be launched against Israel from Iran, Iraq and Yemen. There will be widespread riots and even uprisings by Israeli Islamists who will try to block roads to prevent the movements of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and there might even be an Intifada in Judea and Samaria although most likely only for the duration of the war.

Iran will lash out with biological weapons against major American cities and it is unclear if Tehran will use chemical weapons or biological weapons to target other nations it deems pivotal to the “worldwide” American-Jewish “octopus”. There will likely be millions of victims of Iranian WMD terrorism, the majority of whom will be Americans and Saudis. Iran is convinced that America will recognize that it is defeated, withdraw from the Middle East and abandon its superpower role. 

Why will Iran do all this? What purpose will this action by Iran serve? Tehran is convinced that once there is Shia control (the regime considers the Crypto-Jewish Alawites to be Shias) over the three cities of Damascus, Jerusalem and Mecca will the Hidden Imam (Mahdi) appear in Mecca, the Deceitful Messiah (al-Masih ad-Dajjal, whom the Jews will recognize as God incarnate) will appear in Jerusalem and Jesus (Isa ibn Maryam) will appear in Damascus. This will be the beginning of a worldwide conflict between the Khomeinists and the followers of the Dajjal (“the Jews” and others) culminating in the establishment of the Iranian theocratic political system worldwide under the rule of the Hidden Imam. Jesus is according to Khomeinist belief a follower of Khomeini’s totalitarian ideology and will aid in the establishment of Khomeinist worldwide rule and will according to Islamic belief kill the Dajjal in Israel.

It is important to emphasize that Tehran fully expects to attain nuclear weapons capability and that they believe that no country will try to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program. However, once the nuclear weapons program is destroyed, will the Iranians interpret this as an apocalyptic sign that they are supposed to trigger the eschatological process by the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Once a no-fly zone is imposed and allied air support is provided to regional rebellions will there be successful uprisings in Iran’s ethnic periphery comprising about half of Iran’s population. The regime will quickly lose control but the fate of Persian areas is less certain. Although the majority of the ethnically Persian population vehemently opposes theocratic rule, there is a large minority among ethnic Persians who support the regime and the Khomeinist regime will no doubt try to massacre anti-regime demonstrators in the tens of thousands. If the uprising in Persian areas succeeds will the conflict be won relatively quickly, if it however fails will a US-led invasion of Iran become inevitable after Iran attacks America with biological weapons. According to US military estimates cited by the head of CENTCOM, General Frank McKenzie, such a war to liberate Persia would take about one year.

Once the peace treaty between Israel, Aram and Syria has been announced (including the Israeli annexation of Median Jewish regions of Syria and Lebanon) will Israel have to reveal to the Israeli public and to the world the existence of core Median Jewry. Since Iranian Kurdistan will be liberated will most of Iran’s 3 million Median Jews be able to immigrate to Israel. If Persian areas are also free will all Median Jews in Iran be able to immigrate to Israel. Iraq’s one million Median Jews will emigrate to Israel either through the KRG or more likely through liberated Iranian Kurdistan. Erdogan will subsequently move to prevent Turkish Median Jews from immigrating to Israel and they will only be able to emigrate once Erdogan loses the June 2023 presidential elections. 

For how long will the war last? This depends on the success of the uprising in the Persian areas. Gaza will most likely unleash their entire arsenal of projectiles and once it is depleted will the war be over on that front. The Saudi state will be the hardest hit of all Iran’s adversaries with part of the population of Riyadh annihilated with biological weapons. Will the Saudi state be able to quell the Shia uprising in the Twelver east and the Zaydi southwest? They will, provided that they make sure to be prepared for the worst case scenario which unfortunately is the only likely one. The war in Syria and Lebanon will be over in weeks – it will not take months – as the IDF will be keen to hand over to the SDF at the earliest possible date.

Iran expects this apocalyptic conflict to be the beginning of the eschatological process but in practice it will rather mark the beginning of decline of Islamism throughout Islamdom. Erdogan is certain to lose the June 2023 presidential elections in Turkey. Once a critical mass of Median Jews have immigrated to Israel will Israel redeem and enfranchise the entire Judea and Samaria and Jordan will subsequently be very happy to annex Gaza, leading to the downfall of the Hamas Jihadist terrorist regime there. Jihadist Hezbollah will be forced underground and will wage guerrilla warfare against the SDF just as does Jihadist ISIL. Saudi Arabia will at some point be forced to launch a ground operation to liberate Yemen from the Houthi menace. Within a few years will all Islamist territorial control be erased in the Middle East.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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