Massive US Force Buildup Necessary Prior to Destroying Nuclear Program

The ostensible negotiations process with Iran might seem like a waste of time considering Iran’s complete lack of interest in an agreement with the United States. However, that is certainly not the case as the time is well used by Iran’s intended victims to prepare for war against Iran. There are three levels of military action against Iran:

  1. A joint American-Israeli destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program.
  2. A US-led imposition of a no-fly zone over Iran with air support to insurgents.
  3. A US led invasion to liberate the entire Iran.

At present the US goal is still to revive the JCPOA and US Iran envoy Rob Malley has stated on several occasions that the US wants a completely different agreement once the JCPOA is declared dead. Whether Iran would go along with that and pretend to negotiate towards, but not conclude such an agreement in order to buy time and appease Russia and China remains entirely unclear. What is likely though is that LEVEL ONE will not be implemented until “the sword is on the neck” to use the Israeli terminology. LEVEL TWO and LEVEL THREE are supposed to deter Iran from attacking other countries with weapons of mass destruction and invading GCC nations, however this is in and of itself extremely unlikely to be effective. 

What just might be effective is a massive US troop buildup in GCC nations. This would entail at least a million combat-ready US troops who would be stationed there as pure deterrence. There are two main elements in Iran’s engineered apocalypse. a) The first element is using biological and chemical weapons in mass terrorist attacks to target nations believed to be essential to the imaginary American Jewish global conspiracy to destroy Islam, as intended to prompt the Hidden Imam to reappear. b) The second element is to take control over the Twelver eschatological region in the Middle East, including crucially the cities of Jerusalem and Mecca and the region’s oil resources, something which will transform Iran into a superpower. Iran believes that the Hezbollah-led Iranian Axis is capable of disorienting and destroying Israel with rockets, missiles, drones and chemical weapons and that Iran will thus also get hold of Israel’s nuclear weapons. 

If ELEMENT B can be removed from the equation and Iran can be convinced that it will be denied control over Mecca by means of massive US troop deployment in Saudi Arabia may Iran just possibly call its entire plan into question. Why is this so? The Hidden Imam, identified by Twelvers with the Islamic figure of the Mahdi is universally anticipated to reappear in the Islamic holy city of Mecca and Iran believes that it must be in control of Mecca when the Hidden Imam reappears from occultation. Would massive US troop deployment in Saudi Arabia convince Iran to abandon its nuclear weapons program? No, it most certainly would not but it just might convince the Iranians to absorb a joint US-Israeli destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program without retaliating. The problem with this plan is that Iran will rapidly rebuild its nuclear weapons program after it is destroyed and a massively expensive one million US troops deployment in GCC nations will be necessary again within five years to provide deterrence after a second destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. 

The alternative is clearly massive militarization in the Gulf region with Saudi Arabia increasing the number of its troops from the current 250 000 to a million. GCC nations must massively militarize and integrate militarily with Israel. Gulf leaders need to internalize that they share a common fate with Israel. Oman, Qatar and Kuwait need to urgently join the new Israel-led regional security architecture on the Saudi model of economic normalization and technological transfers while deferring diplomatic recognition and formal diplomatic ties for later.

LEVEL TWO will likely be sufficient for bringing down the Iranian regime but nothing is certain and LEVEL THREE might become necessary as well. The US estimates that liberating Iran will take one year, i.e. the war will be very difficult and gruesome and the war in the Zagros mountains on the road to Tehran can be expected to be very difficult indeed. 

ELEMENT A from the perspective of the theo-planners in Tehran needs to be global in order to become a real apocalypse which means targeting many nations, i.e. all states deemed to be “Zionist enemies of Islam” as part of the perceived American-Jewish global conspiracy to destroy Islam whom the Khomeinists identify as the presumptive followers of the Dajjal, the Deceitful Messiah who is slated to appear in Jerusalem and be killed by Jesus in the Israeli city of Lod.

Is NATO currently training for LEVEL TWO and LEVEL THREE? If they did not they would be very extremely irresponsible because Iran as part of ELEMENT A intends to attack NATO nations deemed to be “Islamophobic” in thus activating NATO’s paragraph 5.

What can we learn from all this? GCC nations must pursue massive militarization and close military integration with Israel as part of the Israel-led high tech security architecture that is rapidly being erected in the region.

Published by Daniella Bartfeld

Daniella Bartfeld is the founding director of the Aliyah Organization.

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