The Iranian Threat against Azerbaijan

The ongoing Iranian war games on the border with Azerbaijan illustrates the Iranian Neo-Safavid irredentist threat against the independent Republic of Azerbaijan. The excuse for the maneuvers is the Israeli security presence in Azerbaijan and the particularly close Azerbaijani-Israeli alliance. Would the Iranian military invade Azerbaijan in response to Israel’s destruction of Iran’s nuclear weaponsContinue reading “The Iranian Threat against Azerbaijan”

Implement the Iraqi Constitution

The Iraqi constitution stipulates that there should be referenda in Kurdish areas beyond the control of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) whether these areas should indeed also be part of the KRG or be ruled directly from Baghdad. This includes the city of Kirkuk. The US government, the European Union and other international friends ofContinue reading “Implement the Iraqi Constitution”

The Israel-Kurdistan Axis

A joint IDF-SDF war to liberate Syria-Lebanon in response to the expected massive Hezbollah missile barrages against Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities in revenge for Israel’s aerial destruction of Iran’s nuclear weapons program will create a new strategic reality in the Middle East by ending Kurdistan’s geographic isolation and connecting it with Israel. IsraelContinue reading “The Israel-Kurdistan Axis”

Why the KRG should have an Air Force

The KRG is a loyal and faithful ally of the United States and deserves more US support. The KRG is often described by its detractors as “a second Israel” due to its pro-American and pro-Israel sympathies and alignments. In fact could and would an independent Kurdistan in the Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian sections of KurdistanContinue reading “Why the KRG should have an Air Force”

Why Moscow and Beijing do not Arm Tehran

Iran has a sophisticated military but its air force is antiquated as are its tanks. Why then do not Russia and China supply Iran with fighter aircrafts and tanks?  There is in general a fear in the international community of Iranian intelligence committing 9/11 style mass terrorist attacks and potentially with chemical, biological and radiologicalContinue reading “Why Moscow and Beijing do not Arm Tehran”

Office for the Protection of the Constitution

Germany’s “Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution” (BfV) and its state affiliates, one in each of Germany’s federal states are internationally unique but it is in fact a scandal that not every liberal democracy has its own Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The BfV is a domestic intelligence agency tasked withContinue reading “Office for the Protection of the Constitution”

Tunisia’s Tragedy

Tunisia was the only one of the Arab Spring countries to develop into a full-fledged liberal democracy. President Kais Saied’s recent coup is a transparent attempt at reversing the country’s democratization and making himself dictator. The Tunisian military should intervene, unseat Saied and restore the constitutional order. The recent coup illustrates the lack of nationalContinue reading “Tunisia’s Tragedy”

Rewriting the Nation State Law

Israel will need to modify its controversial “Basic Law: Israel as the Nation State of the Jewish People” since Israel’s legislators apparently did not anticipate the existence of Median Jewry and even less so mass Aliyah of tens of millions of Median Jews. The name of the quasi-constitutional basic law will need to be changedContinue reading “Rewriting the Nation State Law”

Uniting the Druze People

The Druze people were divided after WWI between French Syria, French Lebanon and the British Mandate centered in Jerusalem. The Druze were however for some decades given an autonomous state in the Druze Mountain region in southern Syria. In contrast, were the entire Druze people during Ottoman times part of one single state, the OttomanContinue reading “Uniting the Druze People”

The Last Ba’ath Regime is a Losing Bet

Israel has no choice but to strategically destroy as much as possible from the air of the Iranian nuclear weapons program as it poses an existential threat against the Jewish people and Iran increasingly approaches nuclear threshold status, something that is absolutely unacceptable to Israel. Tehran’s Lebanese proxy Hezbollah will respond with massive missile barragesContinue reading “The Last Ba’ath Regime is a Losing Bet”

The Nefarious Influence of Islamist Soft Power

Islamist soft power is highly influential in academia where it has become paradigmatic that it is ostensibly intrinsically “Islamophobic” to oppose or even criticize the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism. Modern political Islam generally opposes all public criticism of any aspect of what is perceived as “Islam” and it is hard to see howContinue reading “The Nefarious Influence of Islamist Soft Power”

Is it Worth it?

The resolution of the Palestinian problem has for many decades been high on the agenda of the international community. A joint IDF-SDF defensive-offensive war to liberate Syria-Lebanon from the the forces of Khomeinism and Ba’athism in response to the expected massive Hezbollah missile barrage against Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities after Israel destroys theContinue reading “Is it Worth it?”

The Fiction of Iranian “Democracy”

The extensive Iranian propaganda machinery abroad has long been able to create an illusion of a semblance of Iranian “democracy” with an ostensible “power struggle” between two types of Islamists dubbed “reformists” and “hardliners”. The question that must be asked however is whether there has been any substantial policy difference when the two respective IslamistContinue reading “The Fiction of Iranian “Democracy””