The Destruction of Islam

Islamism [Islam-ism] is one of a series of modern totalitarian political ideologies along with Afwerkism, Ba’athism, Communism, Fascism, Gaddafism, Kahanism, Nazism and Slorcism. Islamism is essentially supersessionist in that it seeks to replace the traditional world religion of Islam which it deems corrupt and depraved. While Islamism may seem similar to Islam on the surfaceContinue reading “The Destruction of Islam”

Tehran is Intent on Domination

Iran was thoroughly Westernized during the reign of the last Shah and Iran remains a sophisticated state adept at communicating with other cultures and fooling their diplomats. For example, did Iranian diplomats astonishingly succeed years ago in convincing Chinese diplomats that Iran ostensibly does not intend to destroy Israel despite constantly declaring the intention toContinue reading “Tehran is Intent on Domination”

Tehran is not Interested in Reconciliation

There is a failure in the current class of Iran experts in ascertaining Iran’s strategic intentions. There is generally a failure in academia of experts on Islamism who do not grasp that we are dealing with a dangerous neo-imperialist, totalitarian, modern political ideology, but rather seem to think that Islamism is “a traditional religion”, “aContinue reading “Tehran is not Interested in Reconciliation”

Islamism is Tearing Europe Apart

Islamdom has since the 1980s been a civilization in crisis since the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism came into the vogue. The popularity of Islamism has also affected Europe which has increasingly imported Islamism as well. Many European Muslims live in segregated neighborhoods where they are exposed to Islamist processes of Islamization and theirContinue reading “Islamism is Tearing Europe Apart”

The Perceptual Gap

There is a vast perceptual gap between the P5+1 and the Khomeinist regime. The P5+1 talk the language of reconciliation while Tehran hears weakness and uses the time offered to further enrich uranium towards the goal of amassing enough material to produce a nuclear weapon. For Iran are P5+1 useful infidels to be deceived andContinue reading “The Perceptual Gap”

Why Many Ashkenazi Jews “Look” European

Anti-Zionists claim contrary to all scientific genetic evidence that Ashkenazi Jewry are exclusively descended from “European” converts to Judaism and they say so entirely out of how Ashkenazi Jews “look”, i.e. through racial observation alone. The Nazi Germans disagreed, they thought that Ashkenazi Jews “looked” Middle Eastern. Irrespective needs the issue to be clarified. SomalisContinue reading “Why Many Ashkenazi Jews “Look” European”

Rethinking Regime Change Policy on Iran

The Biden Administration just like the Trump administration before it does not with the sole exception of Venezuela advocate regime change in foreign policy. Iran should be another exception. Iran is an exceptionally dangerous regime which poses a significant strategic threat against the United States and its vital national security interests.  A no-fly zone isContinue reading “Rethinking Regime Change Policy on Iran”

Mowing the Grass

If the Iranian regime survives a no-fly zone over Iran in its core Persian-speaking region (the ethnic periphery will no doubt revolt) will a no-fly zone crucially permit continual air raids against Iranian nuclear installations on a regular basis. This will offer significant operational advantages when implementing air strikes against the Iranian nuclear weapons program.Continue reading “Mowing the Grass”

Are Sabbateans Jewish?

The hundreds of Sabbatean Rabbinic Jews who followed rabbi Sabbatai Zevi and accepted initiation into the Bektashi order never converted to Islam. They were nevertheless excommunicated by the poskim (rabbinic decisors) due to the Sabbateans risking to expose Bektashism and the other six denominations of core Median Judaism as constituting Judaism and thus also exposedContinue reading “Are Sabbateans Jewish?”

The Desperate Plight of the Yarsanis

Yarsanism is one of the seven denominations of core Median Judaism. There are approximately 2 to 3 million Yarsanis and most live in Iranian Kurdistan with a significant community living in Iraqi Kurdistan. The Kurdish Yarsanis live in the southernmost part of Kurdistan. Most Yarsanis are Kurds although there are also small communities of Arab,Continue reading “The Desperate Plight of the Yarsanis”

Why Sabbatai Zevi was Excommunicated

Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) was born in Smyrna in the Ottoman Empire and was a Sephardic rabbi of Romaniote (Judeo-Greek) origin who became almost universally recognized as the Mashiach (messiah) but was confronted by the sultan who demanded that he accept Islam or face death. As a token acceptance of Islam did Zevi in desperationContinue reading “Why Sabbatai Zevi was Excommunicated”

The Axis of Genocide

The Lebanese, Syrian and Iranian militaries in the northern Levant are deeply integrated with the Hezbollah terrorist organization and must from Israel’s perspective therefore be considered extensions of Hezbollah. Together do they constitute the Axis of Genocide in the northern Levant as they in the words of the leaders of the Islamic Republic of IranContinue reading “The Axis of Genocide”

The Question of Blasphemy in Islam

Large sections of the Muslim world still lives in the Middle Ages and an entire neo-medievalist movement, Islamism, has arisen since the 19th century which seeks to bring back the Middle Ages once more. Islamist neo-medievalism has a significant influence on Islam and on Muslims generally, including on the question of blasphemy and even liberalContinue reading “The Question of Blasphemy in Islam”

Eliminating the Western Flank of the Iranian Empire

The Iranian empire stretches from Balochistan to Lebanon in a vast expanse of land from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea and this is only the beginning from the perspective of Iran’s strategists. Tehran’s planners imagine eventually controlling the entire Islamdom as the world’s only superpower and ultimately the entire world. It ought toContinue reading “Eliminating the Western Flank of the Iranian Empire”

The Hydra must be Slayed

There is a so-called “axis of resistance” in the northern Levant which would be better described as an “axis of genocide” because that is their real purpose, namely as the leaders the Islamic Republic of Iran say “the annihilation of Israel”. These words are carefully chosen and the word “annihilation” is quite unmistakable indeed. HezbollahContinue reading “The Hydra must be Slayed”

Will the Druze Welcome Israeli Liberation?

War approaches in the Middle East. There is a race in time between Iranian uranium enrichment to produce enough uranium to assemble a nuclear weapon at the same time as Israel is investing billions of shekels in its new capabilities to destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program from the air. Iran will respond to IsraeliContinue reading “Will the Druze Welcome Israeli Liberation?”

Will Median Jewry Want to Emigrate to Israel?

Jewish consciousness is spreading among adherents of core Median Judaism. All seven denominations (Alawism, Alevism, Alianism, Bektashism, Druzism, Yarsanism and Yezidism) are highly secretive with only small numbers of top clerics in each denomination having been initiated into the secrets of Esoteric Judaism. Yet as the message that Median Jews are indeed Jewish increasingly spreadsContinue reading “Will Median Jewry Want to Emigrate to Israel?”

The Paradox of Alawite Rule

The Syrian regime is controlled by a clique of assimilated ethnic Alawites supported by a wider class of Alawite military officers yet the ruling Alawite clique promotes the assimilation of the Alawite people into Islam. How can this be reconciled? First thing is this highly peculiar since the Ba’athist ideology was a secularist ideology toContinue reading “The Paradox of Alawite Rule”

The AANES does not Harm Turkey

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and its subdivisions such as the YPG and YPJ have never in their history launched a military attack against Turkish territory. In fact, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) is a very good neighbor of Turkey. The AKP regime accuses the SDF of terrorism, yet the SDFContinue reading “The AANES does not Harm Turkey”

The Ancient Bisection of Judaism

In 930 BCE was the United Monarchy of Israel divided into two separate kingdoms; the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah. This was the beginning of the division of Judaism – or Canaanite Atenism as it might be more appropriately described – into two realms of religious authority, the Northern JurisdictionContinue reading “The Ancient Bisection of Judaism”

Why the Seven Denominations are Recognized as Jewish

Early rabbis of the Talmud (Rabbis Akiva, Eliezer and Shimon) who commented on the whereabouts of the descendants of the ten tribes identified them as collective sinners, meaning heretics but clearly recognized them as Jewish. The rabbis disagreed among themselves as to whether God would allow the descendants of the ten tribes to return toContinue reading “Why the Seven Denominations are Recognized as Jewish”

Ending the Islamization of the Alawite People

While Syria’s former dictator Hafez al-Assad (1930-2000) was ethnically Alawite as is his son and successor as dictator Bashar al-Assad (b. 1965) have they both pursued Islamization policies which are basically anti-Alawite. Alawite pupils are forced to endure Islamic religious instruction in state schools and the regime built mosques in Alawite villages throughout the AlawiteContinue reading “Ending the Islamization of the Alawite People”

Is Ismailism Crypto-Judaism?

Early Sunni religious authorities widely refer to Shi’ism as founded by Jews and even today in Saudi Arabia is Shi’ism consensually considered to be Crypto-Jewish by Wahhabi religious authorities and in the educational system of Saudi Arabia. There are three surviving branches of Shi’ism, one of which, the Yemeni Zaydism is historically and in theContinue reading “Is Ismailism Crypto-Judaism?”

Is Islam Incompatible with Democracy?

After the September 11, 2001 attacks against the United States did the George W. Bush administration launch a global campaign to promote democratization and liberalization in Islamdom. Many have later asked whether this was a mistaken policy as it was clearly the Bush administration’s efforts that ushered in the Arab spring a full decade later.Continue reading “Is Islam Incompatible with Democracy?”

Waiting until Doomsday?

The Iranian nuclear weapons program is racing to enrich enough uranium for an atomic bomb. In parallel is Israel racing to rapidly build a capacity to strategically degrade the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Israel will not allow Iran to amass enough enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon and is ready to preemptively attack Iran. IranContinue reading “Waiting until Doomsday?”

Hezbollah’s Patrons

Iran is racing towards producing enough enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb while at the same time Israel is racing to develop capacity to strategically degrade the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Once Israel destroys the Iranian nuclear weapons program – will Hezbollah unleash massive barrages of tens of thousands of missiles against Tel Aviv andContinue reading “Hezbollah’s Patrons”

What about Genetics?

The rediscovery of Median Judaism and Median Jewry is a watershed event in Jewish history. However, members of denominations of core Median Judaism are primarily descended from ancient converts to Median Judaism and not from Israelites although they surely have some Israelite ancestry as well. But does genetics matter and does it still count asContinue reading “What about Genetics?”

Territorially Unifying the Jewish Nation in the Levant

The Iranian nuclear weapons program is racing to produce enough enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon. Israel will not allow that to happen and will launch preemptive air strikes against the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Iran will in revenge order its Lebanese proxy terrorist Hezbollah to unleash massive barrages of tens of thousands of missilesContinue reading “Territorially Unifying the Jewish Nation in the Levant”

The Process of Renunciation

A process of renunciation of syncretism with religious imperialism (and in particular syncretism with Islam) will be required as part of the process of official Israeli recognition of denominations of core Median Judaism and preparation for Aliyah (immigration to Israel) and in the case of the Druze and the Alawites the process of Israeli annexation.Continue reading “The Process of Renunciation”

A Race Against Time

Before the JCPOA era did Israel have a ready offensive military program to strike the Iranian nuclear weapons program but with the JCPOA in 2015 was it rescinded. Now Israel is investing billions of shekels in new offensive military capabilities and is training a new generation of fighter pilots for the mission. Yet at theContinue reading “A Race Against Time”

Will there be a Jewish Fraternal War?

There are only two Jewish governments in the world, the one in Israel and the one in Syria. One is a liberal democracy and one is a totalitarian dictatorship. Will there be a war between the two or will the latter agree to peacefully dissolve?  As the Iranian nuclear weapons program rapidly advances far beyondContinue reading “Will there be a Jewish Fraternal War?”

No One will Help Assad

President Bashar al-Assad of Syria has no friends in the international community and very few allies and as it turns out even the allies are not reliable.  As Iranian uranium enrichment progresses to a critical level may Israel launch air strikes against the Iranian nuclear weapons program and Iran in turn will order Hezbollah toContinue reading “No One will Help Assad”

Erdogan is Trying to get Turkey Expelled from NATO

Turkish politics has since 2003 been based on an uneasy power-sharing and indeed heated rivalry been the Muslim Brotherhood controlled AKP regime and the Sabbatean (“Dönmeh”) controlled so-called Derin Devlet (Turkish for ‘Deep State’).  NATO membership is sacred for the Derin Devlet which will not allow the AKP to lead Turkey out of NATO. RussiaContinue reading “Erdogan is Trying to get Turkey Expelled from NATO”

Resolving the Palestinian Refugee Question

With a partition of the northern Levant involving the establishment of a Christan Aramean state as the successor state to Lebanon and the Israeli annexation of the Median Jewish (Alawite and Druze) regions of Syria and Lebanon, all following a joint IDF-SDF liberation of Syria and Lebanon subsequent to mass Hezbollah missile barrages against TelContinue reading “Resolving the Palestinian Refugee Question”

Liberalization in North and East Syria

The AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) is nominally a one-party state run by the PYD (Democratic Union Party) with socialist libertarianism as its official ideology. In practice however, does the AANES have free and fair elections with freedom of expression and its de facto official ideology is feminism which permeates all aspectsContinue reading “Liberalization in North and East Syria”

Whither al-Ba’ath

There were once two Ba’ath-controlled states, but the Ba’ath party was unseated from power in Iraq in 2003 and so the only remaining Ba’ath state is Syria. Yet, Syria is more akin to a pseudo-monarchy run by a a relatively small number of members from a Crypto-Jewish sect who outwardly pretend to be Anti-Semites andContinue reading “Whither al-Ba’ath”

Fighting til the Bitter End?

Syria has not fought a land war against Israel since 1973 in apparently since then preferring that Lebanon be the arena for Israeli-Arab armed conflict in Israel’s northern military theater. This is so since Syria for the most part has kept the Golan heights border quiet for the five decades that passed since the YomContinue reading “Fighting til the Bitter End?”

Open Letter to the Median Jews who Run Syria

Most of you are Alawites, some of you are Druze, in either case, you did not know you were you Jewish when you grew up because nobody told you and in any case your parents did not know either, only your top religious leaders knew. Now however the situation is different as you know thatContinue reading “Open Letter to the Median Jews who Run Syria”

Avoidable Bloodshed

What if the 56-year old Bashar al-Assad could avoid either of the respective fates of Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein? What if he could retire from presidential life and become a billionaire businessman in Jaffa, Tel Aviv; post the Israeli annexation of the Median Jewish (Alawite and Druze) regions of Syria and Lebanon? What ifContinue reading “Avoidable Bloodshed”

The SAA Stands No Chance

Israel has no choice but together with the allied Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) crush Hezbollah and its sponsors in Syria and Lebanon after Hezbollah launches its massive missile barrages against Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities in response to the Israeli destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons program. This is a war of no choiceContinue reading “The SAA Stands No Chance”

Are Zoroastrians Jewish?

Zoroastrianism emerged from Median Judaism and is documented from the 5th century BCE as Zoroastrianism turned into religious imperialism. Zoroastrians have a Kohanite priestly caste but for some reason no Levite priestly tribe. This raises the question as to whether the Zoroastrians are Jewish? Is it a form of Median Judaism? Do they have secretContinue reading “Are Zoroastrians Jewish?”

Jewish Survival

One criterion as to whether a form of Judaism is genuine is whether it stands a chance of survival. While usually not explicitly spelled out is Jewish long-term survival the overriding criterion in halakhic decision making in contemporary Orthodox Judaism. The main reason non-Orthodox Judaism is condemned by Orthodox rabbis is primarily because it tendsContinue reading “Jewish Survival”

Sharing the Burden

It is unreasonable that US allies should not be able to collectively defend themselves.  European Union member countries each need to create an Office for the Protection of the Constitution on the German model as well as institute a joint confederal military. The extreme reliance on US troops to defend the EU is intolerable. WhyContinue reading “Sharing the Burden”

No Return to Vienna

Tehran has no intention of returning to the indirect Vienna negotiations. It is somewhat hard to see what Tehran fears in the negotiations as the Iranians could simply stall but they apparently do they fear that Rob Malley will make too many concessions to them as they might be fearful that Beijing and Moscow wouldContinue reading “No Return to Vienna”

United we Stand, Divided we Fall

A strong defense pact in the wider region against Iran should include as many relevant countries as possible. This should include Israel, Azerbaijan, the five post-Soviet central Asian nations, as many Gulf states as possible as well as Jordan, Egypt, Sudan and Morocco. These are countries that are intended victims of the Khomeinist regime’s neo-imperialistContinue reading “United we Stand, Divided we Fall”

The Islamic Veneer in Alevism

What is the Islamic Veneer in Alevism? Alevis do not practice any aspect of Islam in their daily life whatsoever but during the holiday celebrations known as Cem (pronounced Djem, from Hebrew “Yom” i.e. “day”) do they sing extremist Shiite lyrics that include the deification (sic!) of Mohammad and Ali. This is not even “Islamic”Continue reading “The Islamic Veneer in Alevism”

A False Dichotomy

Palestinian propaganda has in recent decades consistently claimed that Israel “has to choose” between a so-called “two-state solution” which entails endangering the Jewish state and a so-called “one-state solution” which entails endangering endangering the Jewish people. This is a patently false choice. The Palestinian side sees a so called “two-state solution” as a purely transitionalContinue reading “A False Dichotomy”

A Hopeless Cause

The Palestinian cause is a hopeless case because they universally make completely impossible demands. They literally require that Israel self-destruct by 1) accepting unlimited immigration of millions of Anti-Zionist descendants of Palestinian ex-refugeees thus dooming any hypothetical “two-state solution” into a transitional fiction, 2) requiring Israel to accept indefensible boundaries within which Israel could notContinue reading “A Hopeless Cause”

The Ba’athist Regime does not Represent the Alawite People

There were once two Ba’athist regimes, however only one is left. It is controlled by ethnic Alawites – who are Median Jews – but who are generally secular and far removed from their Alawite roots. The regime permits only two types of religious education in state schools, Sunni Muslim and Christian. Median Jews (Alawites, Alevis,Continue reading “The Ba’athist Regime does not Represent the Alawite People”

Judea and Samaria are Indigenous Jewish Lands

Many indigenous peoples hold their traditional lands to be sacred and many indigenous peoples have long since been exiled from their traditional lands by imperial powers. The Jews are no exception. The Jews are a Fourth World Nation who have remarkably transitioned into one of the most affluent countries in the world. The origin ofContinue reading “Judea and Samaria are Indigenous Jewish Lands”