Climate Crisis will be Resolved by the Private Sector

The recent failed climate summit in Glasgow illustrates that politicians will not resolve the climate crisis. Rather, renewable energy will outcompete fossil energy sources. The car industry will replace gasoline cars with electric cars. The Glasgow summit served animal-based food as if they were ignorant that the animal industry must be phased out to saveContinue reading “Climate Crisis will be Resolved by the Private Sector”

The Demographics of Median Jewry

What are the demographics of core Median Jewry? There are up to 25 million Median Jews in Turkey although the number could be lower since no statistics exist. There are 7-8 million Median Jews in the rest of the Middle East. There are hundreds of thousands of Median Jews in the Balkans, primarily in Albania.Continue reading “The Demographics of Median Jewry”

Liberating Syria will Pave the Way for Kurdish Independence

Why would the AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) be willing to allow the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) to participate in a joint strategic operation with the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) to liberate Syria and Lebanon from the totalitarian forces of Ba’athism and Khomeinism? Why would the YPG (People’s Defense Units) and theContinue reading “Liberating Syria will Pave the Way for Kurdish Independence”

Behind Erdogan’s Paranoia

The Erdogan regime’s arrest of two Israeli bus drivers who are married to each other and who were vacationing in Turkey is an indication of the Erdogan regime’s paranoia about the strategic control the Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet deep state domestic intelligence apparatus maintains over the country. The Derin Devlet controls the state, the military andContinue reading “Behind Erdogan’s Paranoia”

The Decline of American Jewry

American Jewry is rapidly disappearing as the new generation is alienated from the Jewish people and Judaism and the intermarriage rate is staggering. It is clear that the only future for non-Orthodox Rabbinic Judaism is in Israel as it will disappear in the Diaspora. The only ones who will remain are the Orthodox Jews, bothContinue reading “The Decline of American Jewry”

The Muslim Brotherhood is not Pro-Democratic

It is often claimed by academic apologists for totalitarianism that the Muslim Brotherhood is a force for democratization in the Muslim world. However, the experience in Sudan, Turkey and Gaza suggests otherwise as in all three jurisdictions the Muslim Brotherhood established highly oppressive dictatorial rule. An Islamist version of sharia law was instituted as nationalContinue reading “The Muslim Brotherhood is not Pro-Democratic”

The Haredi Demographic Revolution

Nearly all Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Jews were annihilated during the Holocaust and have since through high fertility rates and proselytization among non-Haredi Jews grown to 1,8 million people, the majority living in Israel and the second largest community being in the United States. When Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion (1886-1973) granted exemption for military serviceContinue reading “The Haredi Demographic Revolution”

All Jews are Indigenous

Anti-Zionists claim that converts to Judaism are not genuine Jews. Contrary to all genetic science do Anti-Zionists claim that Ashkenazi Jews are all descended from “European” converts to Judaism. Genetic science in contrast has determined that Ashkenazi Jews are descended from a mixture of Levantines and Italians although Middle Eastern origin predominates genetically. Who wereContinue reading “All Jews are Indigenous”

Jews are Indigenous to Judea and Samaria

What is conveniently ignored during discussions about the future of Judea and Samaria is that not only are Jews indigenous to the area but Jews hold indigenous rights in Judea and Samaria. Israel is not an occupying power in a legal sense although there is an Israeli military administration over part of the area. RestorativeContinue reading “Jews are Indigenous to Judea and Samaria”

The Palestinian Authority does not Want to End the Conflict

The official “negotiation position” of the Palestinian Authority is that of endless demands leading to the dismantlement of the Jewish state without being interested in offering anything in return. Not only does the Palestinian Authority refuse to negotiate with Israel but it is officially commiitted to its Anti-Zionist ideology of ending the Jewish state. TheContinue reading “The Palestinian Authority does not Want to End the Conflict”

Expecting a Jewish Nakba

The Kushner peace map was not drawn up by Israelis and the Israeli government when officially accepting the Kushner peace plan of course knew that it would be rejected by the Palestinian Authority. The Kushner peace map has its flaws and does not represent the Israeli partition map. What is the Israeli partition map? TheContinue reading “Expecting a Jewish Nakba”

Hezbollahstan has Replaced Lebanon

Lebanon has effectively been replaced by Hezbollahstan within the same borders since Hezbollah is in control of nearly all aspects of the state. The only thing that remains in Hezbollah seizing full control over the state is declaring the country an Islamic republic with Khomeinist sharia as its law, i.e. a Twelver Shia Islamist stateContinue reading “Hezbollahstan has Replaced Lebanon”

Iran does not Fear the US and Israel

An axiom effectively regulates Iranian regime attitudes towards the US. Iran fears Republican administrations but not Democratic administrations. This is true today as well. On the contrary, Iran deters the US which dares not attack the Iranian nuclear weapons program due to a well-founded fear that it will suffer Iranian retribution on the US mainlandContinue reading “Iran does not Fear the US and Israel”

Hezbollah is Becoming an Existential Threat Against Israel

Hezbollah is becoming an existential threat against Israel. The Jihadist terrorist organization already possesses 150 000 rockets and missiles, all intended to hit Israeli cities, cause maximum carnage and lead to as much physical devestation as possible. Hezbollah also possesses chemical weapons which it no doubt intends to use to perpetrate many Halabjas throughout urbanContinue reading “Hezbollah is Becoming an Existential Threat Against Israel”

Opposition to Israeli Self-Defense is Anti-Semitic

In medieval times were rabbinic Jews in both Islamdom and Christendom unlike gentiles prohibited from bearing arms. The only way Jews could defend themselves was for wealthy Jews to hire armed gentile guards. This lingering medieval Anti-Jewish prejudice is the reason why many government effectively negate Israel’s right to self-defense. The fact that Jews nowContinue reading “Opposition to Israeli Self-Defense is Anti-Semitic”

Iran’s Threat to Destroy Israel must be Taken Seriously

Iran regularly threatens to destroy Israel after Israel destroys the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Iran does not possess nuclear weapons and although Hezbollah possesses 150 000 rockets and missiles, Iran is currently not capable of destroying Israel. Why then at this stage is Iran threatening to destroy Israel? Iran has the capacity to cause veryContinue reading “Iran’s Threat to Destroy Israel must be Taken Seriously”

What the Haredi World Thinks of Fellow Jews

Most Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Jews are not Zionists. The majority however accepts the Jewish state but wants it to become a Haredi theocracy. A minority are religious Anti-Zionists who reject theocracy before the coming of the Mashiach (messiah). However, the Haredi Anti-Zionists do not vote in Israeli elections and therefore do not have any influence overContinue reading “What the Haredi World Thinks of Fellow Jews”

Ensuring the Survival of the AANES

The AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) is a faithful American ally, quite unlike Turkey under Erdogan. It is a US national interest to strengthen the AANES and ensure its survival as a liberalizing bastion of women’s rights in the Middle East. However, the AANES is landlocked and none of its neighbors areContinue reading “Ensuring the Survival of the AANES”

Median Jewish Aliyah

Median Jews in the Middle East lead a precarious existence as oppressed and in Iran persecuted minorities. The opportunity to immigrate to Israel will be welcomed by nearly all Median Jews in the Middle East. Remaining in their current countries of residence is certainly not an attractive prospect. It is impossible to say in advanceContinue reading “Median Jewish Aliyah”

Shedding the Pseudo-Islamic Veneer will be Easy

The eight denominations of core Median Jewry (Alawism, Alevism, Alianism, Bektashism, Druzism, Shabakism, Yarsanism and Yezidism) all have to varying degrees a Pseudo-Islamic veneer as meant to protect against forcible conversion by Islamic religious imperialism. However, nothing in those Pseudo-Islamic veneers make Median Jews Muslims. In fact, core Median Jewry does not practice Islam andContinue reading “Shedding the Pseudo-Islamic Veneer will be Easy”

The Future of Metropolitan Jerusalem lies in the Judean Desert

Jerusalem is the largest city in Israel with 900 000 inhabitants. Due to the predominantly religious nature of the Jewish population of Jerusalem, Jewish Jerusalemites have a high natural growth rate. While it will be possible to accommodate some of the population growth by building skyscrapers in the place of current buildings, it is clearContinue reading “The Future of Metropolitan Jerusalem lies in the Judean Desert”

Resolving the Problem is What Matters

There has long been an international fixation on Palestinian statehood and a so-called “two-state solution”. This was ostensibly “the only solution” to the Palestinian problem. Nothing could be more false. The international community has tried to achieve a two-state solution since 1937 and has only seen failure. The international community needs to internalize that whatContinue reading “Resolving the Problem is What Matters”

The Danger of Return to the Auschwitz Lines

Israel has built in Judea and Samaria since the 1970s with the dual strategic goals of 1) preventing a return to what former Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban (1915-2002) described as “the Auschwitz lines” from which Israel would only be able to defend itself through preemptive war and 2) eventually redeeming and enfranchising the entireContinue reading “The Danger of Return to the Auschwitz Lines”

Dual Tracks for Alevi Freedom

Israel fears officially recognizing Alevis and other Median Jews as Jewish and eligible for immigration to Israel due the concern that the Muslim Brotherhood-controlled Crypto-Islamist AKP regime will impose severe obstacles to Alevi and other Median Jewish Aliyah (immigration) to Israel. This is a well-founded fear as Erdogan does not want Alevis and other MedianContinue reading “Dual Tracks for Alevi Freedom”

Why a Palestinian State Would not Lead to Peace

A Palestinian state cannot be established through an end-of-claims final status agreement between Israel and the PLO for the simple reason that there is a consensus in Palestinian society never to resolve the issue of descendants of ex-refugees other than by inundating Israel with millions of Anti-Zionists that would make sure that Israel is replacedContinue reading “Why a Palestinian State Would not Lead to Peace”

There is No Logic in Iran Returning to the JCPOA

Tehran claims that it will return to “negotiations” with the US and with the rest of the P5+1 on November 29, 2021. No one knows whether there will actually be any negotiations in Vienna and if there are then these talks will surely be devoid of any substance since Tehran’s tactic is to delay andContinue reading “There is No Logic in Iran Returning to the JCPOA”

Assad is a Traitor

Bashar al-Assad and his coterie of Alawite turncoats are now all well aware that Alawism is a form of Crypto-Judaism and that they themselves are in fact Jewish by religion, ethnicity and nationality. Yet they insist on being aligned with the Khomeinist forces of totalitarian religious imperialism against their own indigenous nation and people. SinceContinue reading “Assad is a Traitor”

How to Liberate the Alawites

What alternatives are there for Israel to liberate the 4 million Median Jews (Alawites, Druze, Yezidis and Alevis) of Syria and Lebanon? The Anti-Zionist Lebanese and Syrian regimes would not let them emigrate to Israel. The only way to allow the Alawite and Druze Median Jews to immigrate to Israel would be for Israel toContinue reading “How to Liberate the Alawites”

What are the Secrets of Sabbateanism?

Why is Sabbateanism secretive? It is no secret that Sabbateans outwardly behave like secular Muslim Turks but within their own community practice a form of Kabbalistic Judaism. What is less known however is that the Sabbateans are members of the Bektashi order, one of eight denominations of core Median Judaism and practice Bektashism along withContinue reading “What are the Secrets of Sabbateanism?”

The Indigenous Restorative Communities of Judea and Samaria were not a Mistake

It is often claimed the strategically located indigenous restorative communities of Judea and Samaria contravene international law, yet Judea and Samaria is terra nullius and even those who recognize the non-existent “Palestinian state” cannot deny that the area was terra nullius at least prior to 1988, the period when most of those communities were established.Continue reading “The Indigenous Restorative Communities of Judea and Samaria were not a Mistake”

Multiculturalism goes too far when it Tolerates Totalitarianism

Respecting other cultures and living in coexistence with others are important values, yet multiculturalism certainly goes too far when it is extended to respecting totalitarianism. Many advocates of multiculturalism deem all opposition to Islamism generally to be Islamophobic and intolerant. Theocracy which Islamists advocate is not compatible with freedom of religion, surely a cornerstone ofContinue reading “Multiculturalism goes too far when it Tolerates Totalitarianism”

What is the Derin Devlet Planning for 2023?

President Erdogan and his ruling AK party (a front organization for the Turkish branch of the Muslim Brotherhood) is widely expected to lose the June 2023 presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey due to the worsening state of the country’s economy. There is no doubt that Mr. Erdogan and the powerful clandestine Muslim Brotherhood intelligenceContinue reading “What is the Derin Devlet Planning for 2023?”

A No-Fly Zone Over Iran is a Vital US National Security Interest

Israel will destroy the Iranian nuclear weapons program and the attack will likely take place in 2023. The attack would have to be repeated after less than two years and then after less than two years again. These regular attacks would go on indefinitely with intervals of less than two years so as to preventContinue reading “A No-Fly Zone Over Iran is a Vital US National Security Interest”

Iran does not Fear Israel’s Nuclear Deterrence

There is more than one danger with the scenario of Iran developing nuclear weapons. One of course is geostrategic, Iran seeks hegemony and nuclear weapons is one of several tools in its quest for regional hegemony and global superpower status. This is dangerous enough to the region and to the world, a strategic threat noContinue reading “Iran does not Fear Israel’s Nuclear Deterrence”

If You Want Peace – Turn to Ankara

Members of the international community that are eager to resolve the Palestinian issue as soon as possible should turn their attention to Ankara. Many millions of Alevis and other Median Jews want to leave the country, yet Israel has not yet officially declared them Jewish and eligible for Aliyah (immigration) to Israel for fear thatContinue reading “If You Want Peace – Turn to Ankara”

Aliyah Now or Later?

Alevis in Turkey are fed up with Mr. Erdogan’s Crypto-Islamist dictatorship and want to leave the country, yet currently have nowhere to go. The vast majority of Median Jews in Turkey are Alevis. Will quiet Western economic diplomatic pressure succeed in convincing Mr. Erdogan not to place obstacles in the way of Alevi Aliyah (immigration)Continue reading “Aliyah Now or Later?”

Why Hezbollah will Strike Israeli Cities with Chemical Weapons

Tehran is well aware that a successful Israeli attack against the Iranian nuclear weapons program would have to be repeated in less than two years time unless a no-fly zone is imposed over Iran that would allow intermittent US airstrikes against the Iranian nuclear weapons program, something which would prevent the program from ever recovering.Continue reading “Why Hezbollah will Strike Israeli Cities with Chemical Weapons”

A No-Fly Zone Over Iran is Absolutely Necessary

An Israeli series of strikes against the Iranian nuclear weapons program will only set back the Iranian nuclear weapons program one to two years since no one can take away the acquired know-how from the Iranian nuclear scientists. Therefore would it be necessary for Israel to repeat the operation every two years or so. However,Continue reading “A No-Fly Zone Over Iran is Absolutely Necessary”

Iran’s Nuclear Calculus

Iran faces a dilemma; if it continues to accelerate its nuclear weapons program, it will be destroyed by Israel from the air in late 2022 or early 2023. If Tehran reenters the JCPOA then it will have to give up the immense advances it has made in the past year of uranium enrichment. That ofContinue reading “Iran’s Nuclear Calculus”

Jewish Demography will Resolve the Palestinian Issue

Many governments around the world are understandably sincerely eager to resolve the protracted Palestinian issue, yet creating a Palestinian state is not within the realm of the possible due to the contradictory demand of the Palestinian side that Israel be demographically flooded with millions of Anti-Zionists, something which if actually realized would turn any two-stateContinue reading “Jewish Demography will Resolve the Palestinian Issue”

Why Israel Keeps Quiet on Median Jewry

The Israel government keeps absolutely silent on the question of core Median Jewry and core Median Judaism and some may wonder why? Most Median Jews in the Middle East would not be negatively affected by an official Israeli recognition of core Median Jewry as Jewish. However, the situation of those Median Jews who live asContinue reading “Why Israel Keeps Quiet on Median Jewry”

Iran is Playing for Time

The Iranian regime claims that it will return to the Vienna indirect “negotiations” on November 29, 2021. It is entirely unclear whether it will do so. What is clear however is that it has likely prepared an elaborate diplomatic arsenal to be able to play for time so as to avoid UN sanctions and willContinue reading “Iran is Playing for Time”

Palestinians of Judea and Samaria will Be Loyal Citizens of Israel

Once the Arab residents of Judea and Samaria have been granted Israeli citizenship and the Israeli government has proven that it is also loyal to them will the Arab population there also be loyal to Israel. It is now often conveniently forgotten that the Arabs of Israel lived under Israeli military rule until 1966 yetContinue reading “Palestinians of Judea and Samaria will Be Loyal Citizens of Israel”

The Garden Suburbs in Judea and Samaria

The majority of the strategically located indigenous restorative communities of Judea and Samaria are designed to be garden suburbs of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Beersheba and Haifa. There is not much economy in those communities as most residents commute to the metropolitan areas inside Israel. Contrary to the libelous claims of being designed to be “obstaclesContinue reading “The Garden Suburbs in Judea and Samaria”

Most Alevis Want to Leave Turkey

Erdogan has created a climate in Turkey whereby Alevis (who make up the vast majority of Turkey’s Median Jews) no longer feel welcome in the country. Yet, most Alevis still have nowhere to go as the gates of Median Aliyah (immigration to Israel) are yet to be opened and Median Jews for geopolitical reasons areContinue reading “Most Alevis Want to Leave Turkey”

The US Should Rescind its Plans to Reopen the US Consulate in Jerusalem

The Israeli government has clearly made it known that it is opposed to the reopening of the US consulate in Jerusalem which according to US law is the capital of Israel and the capital of Israel alone. Yet, Secretary Blinken has announced plans to reopen the consulate contrary to the will of the host nation,Continue reading “The US Should Rescind its Plans to Reopen the US Consulate in Jerusalem”

The Derin Devlet Should not Allow Further Invasions

The Erdogan regime is currently spreading rumors that the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) is planning to invade further border areas of the AANES. It is essential that the Sabbatean-controlled Derin Devlet deep state domestic intelligence apparatus puts down the foot and does not allow further Jihadist destabilization in NES (North and East Syria). This isContinue reading “The Derin Devlet Should not Allow Further Invasions”

Arming the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Strengthens Israel

The AANES (Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) is effectively for all practical purposes in geostrategic terms an outpost of Israel. While the relationship between the AANES and Israel is covert and not officially acknowledged, the AANES always relies on advocacy by the organized Jewish community in the United States to get its messageContinue reading “Arming the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Strengthens Israel”

An Independent Aram Will be a Robust Ally of the West

Only Israel can liberate Aram, the majority Aramean Mount Lebanon region of northern Lebanon. Aram will be officially bilingual in Aramaic and Arabic while education should be in Aramaic only with Arabic taught as a second language. The State of Aram will of course be a natural ally of Israel but will also be anContinue reading “An Independent Aram Will be a Robust Ally of the West”

Israel Faces Calamity and Tehran Openly Declares so

Tehran openly states that Israel faces disaster and most Israelis do not seem to believe the Iranians. As of writing, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) is publicly training for a scenario where Hezbollah will unleash 2 000 projectiles a day for several weeks and where Hezbollah will commit chemical weapons attacks along the Israeli-Lebanese border.Continue reading “Israel Faces Calamity and Tehran Openly Declares so”